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Harry Potter and the Deathly Layout & profile layout

Harry Potter and the Deathly Layout

Click here for live preview, then click on the layout's icon.

layout info Based on Flexible Squares.
Works for all account types.
Tested in Firefox 32, Google Chrome 37 and Internet Explorer 11.

The widths of maincontent and sidebar are changeable without problem.
how to implement this layout Go to the Customize Journal page.

Make sure Style System is S2.

Choose the Flexible Squares layout.

Go to Custom CSS
» Use layout's stylesheet(s): No
» Use layout's stylesheet(s) when including custom external stylesheet: No
» Use external stylesheets: No

insert custom stylesheet

  This profile layout has a fixed width, changing the width would mess up the layout.  
  There are 2 places where you can put your text: the (height-wise) flexible part at the top and the inflexible part over the picture - you shouldn't put too much text in there or the background picture will repeat.

Go to Edit Profile and insert the code into the Bio part.
To copy the code, click in the text area and then press Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.

You don't have to use the lj-raw tags. With them you can only make line breaks/new paragraphs with <br> and <p>. Without the lj-raw tags you can also create line breaks and new paragraphs just by hitting the enter key.

If you want to change the link color, put a font tag with a different color in your link. Like so:
<a href="URL"><font color="#F9E742">LINK TEXT</font></a>

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